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We are located in Sethan, about 15km from Manali, in Himachal Pradesh. To reach our campsite, one can self-drive or hire a taxi from Manali. If self-driving, you're required to obtain a permission (at a barricade 9km before our campsite)... yes, we are located in a restricted area!~
The idea of starting Footloose Camps germinated in Footloose Dev's mind (a full-time travel photographer/writer) when he visited Sethan for the first time in 2017. Despite being located only 15km from Manali and well-connected with a road, the place was rather offbeat. The lanscapic-views that the place offered were moreover unlike any he had ever seen before in the entire Indian Himalayas. It was then he decided that he will open his first hospitality business here. One year later, Footloose Camps happened.
We have been featured by four niche travel blogs, namely DESTINIUM, TRAVELHIPPIES, OURVEGABONDSTORIES, PANDAREVIEWZ, and the mainstream newspaper THE ECONOMIC TIMES... This shows our success, dedicated and the quality we offer in our work.~


I stayed at Footloose Camps for almost a week and my stay couldn't have been better. It was fun hiking in the nearby jungle and taking Caeser (the dog) with me. The food was great and healthy too, with most of the dishes being organic and locally grown. If the idea of holidaying for you is to relax and unwind, and staying at a place that is rather peaceful and offbeat, then Sethan (and in Sethan, Footloose Camps) is the place to be!
~ Divya
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