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Footloose Resort Mudhouse (Room Category 3)

In the mudhouse, we have 2 room types:

  1. Private Rooms (for 2500 per night for twin occupancy)
  2. Bunk Beds (for 900 per bed per night)

We have 3 Private Rooms & 1 (4 beds only) bunk bedroom.

Have you ever built a place with Lego? What if you could live in one?

Such places rest on the curves of the Himalayas, surrounded by an Apple Orchard.footloose resort

Such is this abode, in Hamta Valley (located only 7 km from the Manali Mall Road) known as Footloose Resort.

A fusion of old and new, this is Footloose Resort’s 100-year-old ancestral home turned into a backpacker hostel for you…

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This 100-year-old Himachali Kath Kuni house was converted into a backpacker hostel when, very consciously, we came up with a thought.

Most tourists who visit Kullu-Manali end up living in new-age guesthouses —something that feels just as regular as any hotel anywhere else in the world. So we decided to offer something different.

We rented a nearly 100-year-old abandoned Himachali Kath Kuni house (where 3 generations have lived before) and converted it into a backpacker hostel and a campsite.

manali mudhouse

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For more photos of the inside of the dormitory rooms, privates and tents, please visit our Instagram Channel Footloose Camps, especially for night photos.

Did we tell you, it is possible to see the Milky Way from Footloose Camps, during the new moon?

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For those who don’t know…‘Kath Kuni’ is derived from two words, ‘kath’, meaning wood in Sanskrit, and ‘kona’, which means corner. Characterised by the layered interlocking of wood-and-stone, the stone plinth, double-skinned walls, and intricate wooden carvings, Kath Kuni architectural structures, native to Himachal Pradesh, are the epitome of beauty. More technical gibberish for when you will visit us !!

To make it better, we found ourselves surrounded by a 200-tree apple orchard and nothing else.

manali mudhouse hostel

We do have wifi, common seating areas, a workspace, an in-house cafe, and other things you can expect in a functioning resort.

And yes, we do organise activities (trekking, paragliding, river-rafting, and winter activities like snowboarding, skiing, winter Gypsy rides, and Igloo stay, among others).

Prices for Mudhouse…

  • 1 Bed in our 4-bed dormitory: INR 900 per night.
  • Private Room: INR 2,500 per night for twin sharing.

Please contact us at 8800763430 for booking.

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For booking, please whatsapp or call 8800763430


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