We are located (in a beautiful town called ‘Sethan’) at only 15km from the popular town of Manali but those 15km take you from a frequented bustling place to a restricted area where people seldom pass, and from 2050m altitude from the sea level to a whopping 2800m. The temperature difference is also quite noticeable if compared to Manali, as we often have weather around us at least 5 degrees cooler than that of Manali.

It moreover takes almost an hour, and some 35 continuous hairpin bends from Manali to up until our place in Sethan.

A Bit More About Sethan

From Sethan, one can see the towering Dhauladhar ranges surrounding the village, and the river Beas flowing right next to it – perhaps a few thousand feet down.

The inhabitants of Sethan are the original migrants from Tibet and Spiti Valley, representing a Buddhist community who share their roots being horse herders in their past. They were given land in the surrounding areas by the then Government of India when Himachal Pradesh was still a part of Punjab.

During winter, most of them move to the lower altitude towns in Kullu Valley, leaving Sethan a beautifully deserted town, before moving back in summer again, and resuming their usual farming business. But with its less than 20 houses and a couple of tourist homes Sethan, around the year, remains a beautiful offbeat location meant to relax, unwind and just be!

An Ideal Place To Try Skiing & Snowboarding

Located approximately at a 45-minute drive from Manali, Sethan is a place for slow travelers – particularly during winters, when snow claims its ground and any movement beyond this tiny Buddhist town, becomes impossible!

Where Manali hardly gets any snow, the mountain range in Hamta Valley and particularly around Sethan (the village where we are located) is considered as one of the best places in the entire Indian Himalayas for backcountry snowboarding/skiing.

According to an Australia based ski expert and the author, C.R. Spooner, who had spent years exploring different valleys in Pir Panjal (and published a book called Ski Touring in India’s Kullu Valley) Pir Panjal mountains around Sethan is the Mecca backcountry skiing/boarding locale in the Indian Himalayas.

When There’s No Snow Around

During the summer months, we are an ideal place to do some trekking. There are a few local day-treks that can be done from our campsite (taking you to beautiful viewpoints). Those interested in something more popular can do Chandrakhani Pass Trek, Friendship Peak and even Hamta Pass from our campsite. We are the starting point of Hamta Pass Trek.

Other than trekking, it’s possible to do bouldering and rock-climbing. Sethan also organizes international bouldering festival every year with players from all over the world joining us.

Activities We Organise

Since we are an ecological facility, everything we organize is seasonal. Here’s what we are all into (some activities will be complimentary and some will be charged extra basis on your group size and personal needs):

  • Adventure Camping
  • Trekking (summer trek or winter snow-trek | all year)
  • Fruit Picking (seasonal)
  • Snowboarding/Skiing (seasonal)
  • Rock-climbing/Bouldering (seasonal)
  • Yoga/Pranayam sessions (only for corporates | all year)