FootlooseCamps is all about exploring the best of nature and experiencing adventure travel, without giving up much on comfort. Keeping the urban traveller in mind, we offer all necessities of modern day life — from a good phone network to hot water bath to a private parking space — while keeping a perfect harmony with life in the mountains: i.e rustic and wild!

Located in Sethan, 15km away from the popular town of Manali, FootlooseCamps promises an away-from-the-world, yet not overwhelmingly-detached experience. We have a total accommodation for 20 people with enough space to meander around. The campsite is located on an Apple Farm.

The entire idea of starting a campsite in Sethan was escaping the crowd of Manali while not going too far, thus keeping easy accessibility. One can reach the campsite in under 45 minutes from Manali, while self-drive and

About The Town of Sethan:

The inhabitants of Sethan are the original migrants from Spiti Valley and the adjoining valleys of Tibet and represent a strong Buddhist community who share their roots being horse herders in their past.

During winter, most of them move to the lower altitude towns in Kullu Valley, leaving Sethan a beautifully deserted town, before moving back in summer again, and resuming their usual farming business. But with its less than 20 houses and a couple of tourist homes Sethan, around the year, remains a beautiful offbeat location meant to relax, unwind and just be!

Activities to do in Sethan
During Winter: Snowboarding, skiing, sledging, snow trekking
During Summer: Trekking, Camping, rock climbing, bouldering.

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