Posted by on April 24, 2018

I never knew that the first blogpost I’ll be writing on, about my experiences of hosting people at the campsite will be on such a topic. ‘When Guest Leave’ is a set of words that bring a nostalgic recollection, an empty void to you. Yet, a part of it is a sweet memory. It has been two weeks since we have been hosting people at the campsite and every time someone leaves, leaving the space and with it, the people organising it, deserted, the next few hours feel a bit strange.

When Guests Leave: The Hardest Part of Running A Hospitality Business

In just a couple of weeks, have I realised that it’s not handling people, or cooking food for them, that’s the hardest part of a hospitality business, it’s the Goodbyes and Take Cares. It’s the farewell, that eternal ‘I may not see you again’ that is the hardest part of it.

Two weeks that we have been hosting people at FootlooseCamps and out of 25 people (as I precisely remember) who have visited us – a group of college friends from Haryana, a solo traveller from Pune, a family from Delhi, among others – there wasn’t one who left and did we not talk about them, as we (the FootlooseCamps team) sat down in the night, with a drink in one hand, talking about those who left.

With time fleeting, and more guests visiting us, I hope it becomes a little easier than how it is NOW!

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