Jitu: The head chef, the manager, the janitor, the waiter, and everything else you can think of, that’s what defines Jitu role at Footloose Camps. His natural (Nepali) cooking skills, coupled with the cooking lessons he has acquired in Goa is the reason for our success.
Languages Jitu speak: Hindi, Nepali and English (once he’s little drunk!)

Vinod: Vinod is a local from Sethan and a pro snowboarder. He is a partner at Footloose Camps and the person you’re going to be dealing with, mostly, on site. Born and brought up in Sethan, Vinod knows the area like the back of his hand so feel free to ask weird questions, and yes, be prepared to hear some Buddhist chant in the morning.
Languages Vinod speak: Hindu, English, Tibetan.

DevA full-time traveller, a nomad, and a blogger from New Delhi, Dev is known as Footloose Dev in the digital world, and hence the campsite too… Footloose Camps. He has been travelling the world for nearly three years now, and after travelling all those places, he chose Sethan to open his first hospitality venture (and Vinod became his local aid). You can read more about Dev on his blog FootlooseDev.com.
Languages Dev speak: English Hindi, Punjabi