If you’re one of those people for whom the idea of a holidaying is escaping the madness of cities and big towns, then Sethan, and in Sethan, FootlooseCamps is the place to be.

We are located only 15km from the popular town of Manali, yet the place is exceptionally detached and disconnected with life — and one of the reasons is because just like Rohtang Pass, Sethan is also a restricted area. One is required to obtain a permit on their way to Sethan (about 9 km before our campsite). But that doesn’t mean that you will have any problem in accessing the area — just tell the security guards that you’re visiting our campsite, and you should be all fine!

Obtaining the permission, moreover, costs nearly 100 Rupees per vehicle.

About The Town

The inhabitants of Sethan are the original migrants from Spiti Valley and the adjoining areas of Tibet, representing a strong Buddhist community who share their roots being horse herders in their past.

During winter, most of the locals move to the lower altitude towns in Kullu Valley, leaving Sethan a beautifully deserted town, before moving back in summer again, and resuming their usual farming business. But with its less than 20 houses and a couple of tourist homes Sethan, around the year, remains a beautiful offbeat location with almost no life around.

One can find snow-capped mountains in Sethan throughout the year. However, the best time to find snow is between December and April.