Posted by on April 23, 2018

I remember when I decided to start the campsite, one thing that repeatedly bothered was how if I entered into hospitality business it may affect my travelling. Then the idea of starting it in partnership with somebody local felt as a relief, a kind of assurance that made it certain that I would be able to travel as and when I wanted to, as I have someone (I am talking about Vinod Bhai, with whom I am running Footloose Camps) to look after the guests in my absence, just as nicely as I would.

And then the campsite happened followed by a few bookings, and I realised how hospitality is travelling of a different kind. The only difference is, now you don’t move place or make an effort of visiting cultures, rather, people visit you, and with them, the different cultures and ideas and philosophies that people bring to you.

In only five days of running the campsite, we had group of guests from almost three corners of the country – from someone from Maharashtra to someone from Haryana to someone from Jarkhand. No wonder hosting people is travelling of a different kind!


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