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Looking for a peaceful adventure holiday in Manali? Try camping in Sethan!

For most people, the idea of holidaying in Manali or some other place in the Himalayas is to end-up a peaceful location and being at laze. But sadly, the likes of Manali, as is the case today, offer nothing beyond a city-like experience – a town bustling with life.

Sethan: Only 15km From Manali

Where Manali sure offers a city-like crowded locale, only 15-km and a 45-minute drive away, lies the unheard-of town of Sethan that offers a peaceful getaway and guarantees an away-from-the-world experience. There aren’t many guesthouses or homestays available but only a few, and among them is our nature-camp that was started by a full-time travel photographer/writer (read more about him on his blog FootlooseDev) who after travelling the world full time for 2+ years, covering more than 20 countries and entire India, chose no other place to start his first hospitality business but this.

To get to Sethan, you can self-drive or hire a taxi from Manali. As you start climbing from the 2000m altitude (above the sea level) as Manali has it, to a whopping 2800 of Sethan – after 35 hair-pin bends – you realise that you’ve reached a place rather unusual.

The entire Kullu Valley can be seen from here from a distance.

A Restricted Zone

To make it even better, Sethan, and in Sethan, our campsite Footloose Camps is located in a restricted area -meaning, only a limited number of people can visit Sethan in a day. This keeps the crowd away and guarantees a peaceful ambience.

As you start climbing the road to Sethan (you can Google-Map search us as ‘Himalayan Lounge and Footloose Camps’ for easy navigation) you will be stopped around 9km before our camping-site to obtain a permit. Getting the permit is easy and quick but takes around 100 Rupees per vehicle as the entry fee.

Camping in Sethan, Away From Manali Yet Not Too Far!

Located in an Apple Farm, our camping site is only a 45 min drive away from Manali, assuring quick and easy transportation while complementing an away-from-the-world experience but still not too detached.

We guarantee a rustic and an adventurous experience for those who are seeking it. For laid-back travellers, an authentic Himachali experience is waiting on the other side.

Enjoy The Real Taste Of Himachal In Hamta

Most of our foods include natural, farm fresh and locally grown ingredients. Our dishes are made kullu and lahuali traditional style. The vegetable we cook are often found in the jungle nearby, hence totally organic and fresh. Some of the frequent things we cook include: Fernhead Fiddle, wild spinach and kidney beans grown in our own farm. Our everyday sweet-dish includes ‘Bedni roti’ which is sesame and jaggery stuffed inside paratha.


Lungri – a local rice beer made here. It is white in color and very smooth. Must try!

Arak – a distilled version of Lungri. Clear in color and stronger.

Cow milk – farm fresh cow milk. Taste so much better!


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