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Responsible tourism isn’t only about focusing on reducing the carbon footprint or caring for the wildlife and nature. It’s about sharing with the community too — the love, the smiles and whatever little you can afford.

And off-late, I’ve started realizing that more than ever as I am meeting more and more guests who leave something behind — a memory, a gift, or something equally charming.

Meeting Team DestiniumWorld

Among a few other travel bloggers whom I had recently invited to write about and promote the campsite was the team of DestiniumWorld — a group of three young lads from New Delhi who creates experiential travel videos.

The deal was that I will host them at the campsite, show them around, and in return, they were to produce a video for the campsite — complimenting the idea of giving and take and of gold old bartering days, there were no commercials involved.

As is the case with some people, the first meeting with the team Despinium was educating. Not many people, many travellers, or even many bloggers, in fact, I’ve met during the recent years, talk more about responsible tourism. But with this bunch, I’d more conversation about plastic waste and our role ‘as a tourist’ than anything else.

The 2000 Rupees tip

Responsible tourism, as I always say, is not just about being thoughtful about plastic waste but about respecting the community too. The cook who is making you food, the host who is also a part waiter and part owner — they are to be respected too.

When the team Destinium were leaving, they did something similar, something that I, or anyone else for that matter, would have appreciated. Since their stay was complimentary, they left a hefty tip in inappreciation of food they had and hospitality they experienced. Leaving a tip of 2000 Rs tip for our cook ‘Jitu bhai’ they bid farewell and with that, an assurance of their return.

The fun part is (as I am experiencing now the next day) unfortunately, it did more harm than good (at least to me) as Jitu bhai couldn’t control the happiness of a 2000-Rupee tip and is busy celebrating in some local bar. And he is unsearchable!

Responsible tourism demands respect towards locals

If you want a place to flourish in kindness and good, you need to be respectful to the locals or the hosts). I am not saying that that respect is a 2000 Rs tip. It can be anything: from simply not complaining about some extra the extra sugar in the tea to a shake-hand in appreciation when left. If you want the local community to respect you as a guest, you’re the first to show that respect.

And I am in wait for more such responsible tourists and a bit more respect, as my journey with Footloosecamps continues…

You can follow the work of Destinium World on Instagram.

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